How To Recover From Panic Attacks

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The aim of Somatic Experiencing (SE) is to offer a supportive environment where traumatic energy is released from the body, so it loses its power over your life.

When we experience a stressful life event, traumatic energy can be created within the body, rather like an echo of the event itself. This ‘trapped’ energy, in causing stress, can lead to damage of our tissues and organs, causing pain, panic attacks, chronic illness or disease.

Unless the traumatic energy associated with a stressful event is released, something that took place recently or much earlier in our lives can negatively impact our health for years and even decades.

The aim of Somatic Experiencing is to offer a supportive environment where traumatic energy can first be located in the body and then released, so it no longer interferes with a person’s health.

Panic attacks

Clive (not his real name) is a middle-aged man who came to see me because he was unable to drive his car. He was also experiencing panic attacks that arose with no warning. As he told me his story, I noticed his fast and shallow breathing, wringing hands and facial expression of extreme fear.

It had been raining and he had been in a hurry. Rounding a corner, he had lost control of his car, narrowly missing a tree and spinning into a culvert.

During our first session, we used Somatic Experiencing with breathing techniques to help Clive stay grounded, especially during flashbacks of the incident. By the end of the session, his facial muscles had released, his hands were more relaxed in his lap, his feet were resting on the floor, his gut had stopped churning and he felt calmer. It was clear where his body had been ‘holding’ the traumatic energy that was causing Clive so much distress. And both Clive and I were able to observe the beginnings of the release of that energy from his body.

In the next session, Clive reported that the panic attacks were less frequent, and he was feeling slightly more confident. He still felt extreme fear at the thought of driving again. Over subsequent sessions, we continued using Somatic Experiencing to release the traumatic energy that had been trapped in Clive's body since the incident. As we worked, the memory lost its power, he became less afraid and was able to drive again.

Somatic Experiencing allows you to help your body cope with the stresses of life, so you can enjoy good health, happiness and wellbeing.

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