FIVE Keys to Healing with Somatic Experiencing (SE)

by | Apr 10, 2024 | All Blogs, Health, somatic experiencing, wellbeing and healing

Somatic Experiencing (SE) allows you to help your body cope with the normal stresses of life, so you can enjoy good health, happiness and wellbeing.

Here are FIVE keys to how Somatic Experiencing supports your healing from symptoms in the body that have been caused by stressful events earlier in your life.

1. Somatic Experiencing views traumatic experience as a natural and normal part of life, not a mistake or disease. In contrast with the common belief that the effects of trauma are permanent, Somatic Experiencing recognises that the body and mind are designed to heal from traumatic events.

2. The symptoms of trauma are varied and include persistent pain, panic attacks, anxiety, depression, chronic illness and disease. Somatic Experiencing understands that traumatic symptoms represent energy that is trapped in the body after a stressful event. This form of therapy allows healing through releasing the trapped energy.

3. Somatic Experiencing is client-centred and seeks the unique healing pathway that is most effective for each individual client.

4. In helping a person recover from a traumatic event, Somatic Experiencing focuses on their empowerment, choice and self-direction.

5. Somatic Experiencing works mainly with physical sensations in the body and places less emphasis than on cognitive and emotional processes.

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A practicing therapist for over a decade, Trisha holds qualifications from the Australian Institute of Applied Science.

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